When single stack 9mm’s came out I’ll be honest and say I didn’t give any of them a second or first look. That changed when I picked up a Ruger LC9 late last year. At the time I was carrying a Glock But that Ruger LC9 was just noticeably more comfortable, thinner and lighter. Found myself carrying it more often. Finally, after figuring I’d never bother with one, I got the Glock Although I use the LC9 as my ‘around the house’ gun. And I’ve got to give props to the Taurus PT I bought one a couple of years ago give or take and it’s shot everything I’ve put through it without a hiccup.


Anti-materiel rifle — An anti-materiel rifle is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment, rather than against other combatants. The origins of the anti-materiel rifle go back to the First World War, while modern tanks and most other armored vehicles are too well protected to be affected by anti-materiel rifles, the guns are still effective for attacking unarmored or lightly armored vehicles. They can also be used against stationary enemy aircraft, missile launchers, radar equipment, small watercraft, communications equipment, crew served weapons and their value is in being able to precisely target and disable enemy assets from long range for a relatively low cost.

Dec 26,  · The Yugoslavian Zastava M57 is a updated/improved Tokarev variant developed in for the military of the no-longer-existing country of Yugoslavia; Zastava is now a Serbian company.

Compact and lightweight, with a fulllength rail that accepts 38 scope rings. For sale is a used Waffenfabrik Bren Karabiner Model It is a magazinefed, straightpull boltaction rifle, chambered in 7. Original tags found on some guns. River of Guns searches hundreds of forums so you can find the WTS: The It has a 6round removable magazine, and is chambered for the 7. Swiss K31 Leather Bayonet Frog in good condition.

You will receive one of the items pictured. Please do not email asking for a specific one or particular markings or date Swiss SchmidtRubin rifles do not have the date of manufacture stamped on any of the rifle parts, K31 Carbine series. DSA has those parts kits they’ve had for the past decade, but nobody has ever made receivers and US parts for them. Shop our vast selection and save.

Yugoslavian M57 26.5MM Flare Pistol with Case

Share Tweet A leftover from last night but also a pick-me-up for Roy Moore fans dejected by the news of the past week. Mr Establishment supposedly did too. Christopher Yarbrough, who was married to Corrigan from until their divorce the following year, said on Oct. He said that Corrigan then told him about the encounter with the former president. That one involved in incident in , when Bush was 90 and already confined to a wheelchair.

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Yugo Tokarev and Bulgarian Makarov, both with custom grips Bag full of guns Yugo M57 Tokarev and Bulgarian Makarov, both with custom grips See more. Weapons & Guns Single action revolvers Will Smith Gun Art Tiffany gun Smith & Wesson Lever Action New model Hand guns dating: last quarter of the Century provenance: Spain-SR.

You can easily use any country in any country and you should have no problems. However, that has recently changed, as an importer has started to import brand new M57 magazines link will be in the link section at the end. Make sure to read all the way through the dis-assembly process and study the pictures before you attempt it. Left and right on the pistol is determined by looking from the rear of the pistol forward as if you were holding it in your hand ready to fire.

The slide stop may fall out. With the slide stop out, slide the slide all the way forward off the pistol: The hammer assembly lifts up and out of the pistol. The hammer assembly is held on to the pistol by the slide. Pretty nifty if you ask me. Take the slide and lay it on the top so you can see the bottom of the barrel and the recoil spring assembly. To take the recoil spring assembly out, use your finger to bend the guide rod up, then slide it out.

This is one of the improvements on the Yugo Tokarevs. Here is the sequence in pictures: Take the barrel bushing, rotate it degrees, then slide it off the front.

2018-2019 BRP RXT-X 300 RS

Welcome Thank you for visiting our on-line listing of manufacturers identifying marks, referred to more commonly as “Proof Marks”, “Arsenal” or “Inspector Marks”. We have provided you with this information in an attempt to clear up some wrong information that we have found on this subject. After years of looking at and trying to identify antique arms from different parts of the world, we decided to share our findings by this means of communication.

Fedor V. Tokarev, , was a Russian arms designer. His name is familiar to many American arms collectors. Among his designs were the SVT self loading rifle and the TT and TT pistol.

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m57 t33 slip on grip

He moved to the Chemistry Department at the University of Edinburgh in to study low-melting compounds by X-ray diffraction, and from worked for the Department’s Crystal Structure Service, greatly expanding its scope and productivity. Research Summary We are interested in what happens to metal complexes when they are subjected to high pressures of up to , atmospheres. The phenomena we have found so far include polymerisation to form chains… read more Current Research We are interested in what happens to metal complexes when they are subjected to high pressures of up to , atmospheres.

The phenomena we have found so far include polymerisation to form chains and sheets, strong sometime multiple colour changes and new molecular shapes. The reasons for these changes are not always obvious, so we carry out theoretical calculations to help us understand them. We are also using pressure to look at what happens to organic molecules inside the channels of porous metal-organic frameworks.

Meanwhile, a federal court earlier this month upheld the Empire State’s pistol permitting requirement, dating back to the s, as constitutional. The post New York State Police: Missed pistol recert deadline won’t be enforced, for now appeared first on

I just joined up here because I picked up a SchmidtRubin K31 from a gun show this past weekend and I have a question about the rifle scope mount that is. The other K31 I will leave with the standard iron sights. Swiss K31 serial numbers and year of manufacture list. Here is a list of Serial numbers and dates of manufacture Not. Hi all, It’s been a little slow on this forum so I thought I would post up my latest project.

I bought and installed the Swiss products K31 mount. Putting a scope on the K31 Swiss. I think I will take the mount and scope off of my K31 and leave it in its original beauty and put my scope on a. I have a like new steel, Swiss Products K31 scope mount. Mount is still in plastic wrapping. The mount also comes with 2 steel rings which I.

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Manufacture Dates Introduction Eduard Rubin developed the first successful small-caliber copper-jacketed bullets that could withstand velocities higher than were normal in the s. Rubin cartridges with a caliber of 8. The Hebler cartridge, which had a paper-mache core, attained a prodigious velocity but the Rubin pattern proved to be far more accurate.

In , Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft converted Vetterli rifles to fire 7. Most were adapted from obsolete infantry weapons, but a few had been trial guns of ; these had a distinctive bolt-support guide extending back above the wrist of the butt.

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The WW2 German loading was a gr bullet loaded to about fps in a The USGI load is a gr bullet, at fps, and 50, psi. US commercial ammo is greatly downloaded to prevent blows ups in rifles chambered in the old. WW1 ammo was loaded with a gr bullet rated at fps out of a Velocity out of a With a rifling twist of about 1: The Yugos are a large ring, meaning the front receiver diameters is 1.

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Dating Swiss K31 Bayonet swiss k31 bayonet eBay There is a lot of love out there for the Swiss K31 did not have a provision for a bayonet. Swiss Straight Pull Service Rifles. Camping and Survival Gear Find camping gear such as tents, hammocks, camping meals, and survival gear such as bags and packs, compasses, fire starters and more from.

Welcome Thank you for visiting our on-line listing of manufacturers identifying marks, referred to more commonly as “Proof Marks”, “Arsenal” or “Inspector Marks”. We have provided you with this information in an attempt to clear up some wrong information that we have found on this subject.

As with Swiss Rifles Official Swiss records refer to his bayonet as both the Model Model Bayonet’s frog dispensed with the leather. Many with beautiful noncommissioned officers frog, in new Bayonet for the SchmidtRubin Rifle of the Swiss Ordinance of. Original Swiss Military K31 Bayonets Bayonets French and Italian 1 2 3 4 Next: Swiss M Schmidt Rubin Bayonet.

P14 Bayonet with WW2 Frog. Swiss model Wenger military bayonet with scabbard and frog: Swiss Military Bayonet; Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3. This auction is for an excellent Swiss bayonet for the K31 or M rifle pistol. It comes with a reproduction frog gun price.

The Yugoslavian M-57 Tokarev Pistol.

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